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Shield Products Inc. produces the highest quality, longest lasting Fluoropolymer coating products in the Miami, FL area and beyond...
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Shield Products Inc. manufactures and distributes rust proofing products throughout the Miami, FL area. Our high grade Fluoropolymer coating...
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At Shield Products Inc., we produce Fluoropolymer coatings that provide UV Fading Protection. We serve Miami, FL and surrounding areas, our...

UV fading protection products from Shield Products Inc. increase your privacy and save your furniture.

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Shield Products Inc. is the premier manufacturer and distributor of protective coating products for outdoor structures. We serve Miami, FL and surrounding areas. Our USDA approved, nontoxic Fluoropolymer coating products prevent rust and corrosion on theme park structures, water parks, commercial and industrial structures and marine crafts among others.

Fluoropolymer rust coating and UV fade coating products were discovered in 1938. They were used by the military and in the aerospace industry during World War II, and on nonstick cookware in the early 1960s. Today, they are used industrially and in consumer housewares. They provide corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, rust proofing, and UV fading protection at temperatures ranging up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fluoropolymer is a composite coating made up of high performance resins. It protects brass, aluminium, silver, wood, stainless steel, plastics and every other type of surface. In addition to providing a rust proof coating and a UV fading protection coating, Fluoropolymer coatings are also chemical resistant. Fluoropolymer coating products make industrial systems more reliable and keep industrial workers, the general public, and the environment safe. Our application system is the simplest in the industry. Our coatings last anywhere from 7 to 30 years depending on the surface they are applied on, and they resist chipping and cracking while being easy to maintain. Shield Products has been in business for over 25 years. No other protective coating manufacturer in the Miami, FL area can match our expertise. Learn more about Fluoropolymer coatings from Shield Products Inc. today.