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Shield Products Inc. manufactures and distributes rust proofing products throughout the Miami, FL area. Our high grade Fluoropolymer coating products are used on everything from buildings and watercraft to the International Space Stations. During the past 25 years, use of Shield Products Inc. coatings has expanded from the marine industry to the military, transportation, and petrochemical processing industries, among others.

Our rust proofing products are used on fasteners, bolts, and other moving machine parts to reduce friction and prevent abrasion and corrosion. They are ideal for harsh, caustic, and high pressure environments, and they protect in temperatures ranging up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Rust proofing products from Shield Products Inc. prevent the degradation of metal parts due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation, and chemical exposure. They also create high gloss topcoats and abrasion resistant, nonstick surfaces.

Shield Products Inc. produces coatings that guarantee consistently safe functionality when processing industrial chemicals. We offer an extensive selection of paint coatings that protect against acidic chemical agents. In addition to protecting surfaces, they also lubricate moving parts, making your machine or structure more durable.

Rust proofing products from Shield Products Inc. guarantee the integrity of machinery. They extend the lifespans of machines and boats, buildings and metal structures. We offer a wide variety of rust proofing products to meet the requirements of many different application scenarios.

Our products are the most reliable in the Miami, FL area and the world, and our experience is unsurpassed. Our main concern is your satisfaction. To extend the life of your machines, buildings, vehicles and metal structures contact us today.