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At Shield Products Inc., we produce Fluoropolymer coatings that provide UV Fading Protection. We serve Miami, FL and surrounding areas, our products have been available in the market for over 25 years. Our products are USDA approved and nontoxic, and they come with 20 year warranties depending on the application.

Fading results from exposure to ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light. UV fading protection films from Shield Products Inc. reduce visible light and block solar heat, but not at the expense of a great view. They protect your furniture while maintaining pleasant levels of natural light.

Our durable, attractive UV fading protection films are also great for automobiles. They protect your interior, reduce glare, and increase privacy. Our UV fading protection products block out summer heat and winter cold when blended with our radiant barrier. They save you money by reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling when used as rooftop coatings. They also reflect heat off of your roof, instead of allowing it to be absorbed into your house. While reducing electricity expenses, our Fluoropolymer coatings also lower maintenance costs by protecting your roof from mildew, moss, and weather.

UV fade coatings from Shield Products Inc. have been used by hospitals, schools, government agencies, hotels, and private individuals. We will help you choose the right UV fading protection product and guide you step by step through the application process. Call us today.